Images of a Great Leader.... Lord Baden Powell Would Like you to go to Woodbadge!

Baden Powell with his family.

As I was searching for some interesting facts about Baden Powell, I found some really neat photos of him.  There is such an air of confidence and leadership about him.  There is also a look of joy and satisfaction.

Look at the faces of all the boys in the photos with him.  You can tell that they are truly inspired and that they highly look up to him.  You can also tell that Baden Powell loved to be with the boys.  I like the photo where he is watching the boys do First Aid.  It reminds me of a lot of times at the Klondike Derby or at Scout Camp.

Then there's the photo where he has his arms around the three boys.
Look at the inspiration and confidence in the stances and faces of the boys behind him.  They are not arrogant but they look accomplished.  That's how I want the boys to be in my troop.

  Who can take the place of Baden Powell?  Those who are trained at Woodbadge can!  Please sign up and make a difference in the many young men's lives that you might touch.

I wonder what type of story he is telling?  War story?  How he fooled the other spy?  He has a lot of stories about his spy trips.

First Aid
I think this might be his wife and a couple kids again.

I love this photo.  Look at the boys behind him.  Such confidence.  They are a team.

Perhaps some kind of camp inspection?  
Blowing the Kudu Horn